The Pocket Guide to World History

Cecrops. Mythological first king of Athens. Snake-man. [Read more ...]

Celestial Empire. Chinese Empire. [Read more ...]

Celestine V, St. 1209-96. Founded Celestines 1264. 1294 First Pope to abdicate. Imprisoned by Boniface VIII. [Read more ...]

Céline, Louis-Ferdinand. 1894-1961. French writer: Voyage au bout de la nuit 1932. [Read more ...]

Cellini, Benvenuto. 1500-71. Florentine Mannerist sculptor, goldsmith. Saltcellar of Francis I 1543. Autobiography 1561. [Read more ...]

Celsius, Anders. 1701-44. Swedish physicist: centigrade temperature scale 1742. [Read more ...]

Celts. Central European peoples who settled Spain, Gaul, Asia Minor 3000BC, and invaded Great Britain c3C BC. Plundered Rome 390BC. Thrived in Britain. after Romans. Invaded Greece 279-276BC. Forced to Wales by Invasions 5C. = Roman “Gauls”. [Read more ...]

Centaurs. Mythical beasts, half man, half horse. [Read more ...]

CENTO. 1955-79. Central Treaty Organization. Based on Baghdad Pact 1955. Turkey, Iran, U.K., Palestine defence. [Read more ...]

Central African Republic. 1891 French colony 1910 «French Equatorial Africa. 1958 Self-government. 1960 Independent. 1976-79 Central African Empire. [Read more ...]

Central America Federation. 1823-40. Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica. [Read more ...]

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