The Pocket Guide to World History

Central Committee. Governing body of USSR Communist Party. [Read more ...]

Central Powers. 1882-1918. = Triple Alliance. Germany and its allies during WWI. [Read more ...]

Centre Party. 1871-1933. German Roman Catholic political party. [Read more ...]

Cerberus. Three-headed dog, guardian of Greek underworld. [Read more ...]

Cerceau, Baptiste du. 1545-90. Designer of Pont Neuf, 1578. [Read more ...]

Cerceau, Jacques Androuet du. c1520-85. Optical Views 1551, treatise on architectural perspective. [Read more ...]

Ceres. Roman goddess of growth. = Demeter. [Read more ...]

Cerularius, Michael. c1000-59. Patriarch of Constantinople 1043-58. East-West Schism. [Read more ...]

Cervantes, Miguel de. 1547-1616. Spanish writer: Don Quixote 1605. [Read more ...]

Ceuta. c12C BC Phoenicia. 1C BC Rome. 5C Vandal. 6C Byzantine. 618 Visigoth. 711 Moslem. 1415 Portugal. 1580 Spain. 1810 Britain. 1814 Spain. [Read more ...]

Ceylon. Sri Lanka. [Read more ...]

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