The Pocket Guide to World History

Cavaliere, Emilio del. c1550-1602. Added arias and choral movements to cantatas. Early dramatic music. [Read more ...]

Cavaliers. Royalist partisans in English Civil War. [Read more ...]

Cavell, Edith. 1865-1915. British nurse in Brussels. Executed by Germans for helping POWs escape. [Read more ...]

Cavendish, Henry. 1731-1810. English chemist, physicist. Disc. hydrogen, 1766. Synthesis of water. [Read more ...]

Caventou, J.B. 1795-1877. Discovered chlorophyll, 1817, with Pelletier. [Read more ...]

Cavour, Count. 1810-61. Founding editor Il Risorgimento, 1847-. First Prime Minister of united Italy 1852-. Plombieres. [Read more ...]

Caxton, William. c1422-91. Printed first English book 1473/4. First printer in England, 1476. Published Chaucer, Aesop. First woodcuts appear in Game and Playe of Chesse 1476. First poster 1477. [Read more ...]

Cayley, George. 1773-1857. Flying machine 1796. First manned glider flight 1853. [Read more ...]

CCF. 1932. Cooperative Commonwealth Federation. Canadian Socialist party. 1961 =New Democratic Party. [Read more ...]

Ceausescu, Nicolae. 1918-89. Repressive Romanian dictator, 1965-. Advocated independence from USSR and western ties. Economic policy led to food, energy shortages. Overthrown and executed. [Read more ...]

Cecilia, St. 2-3C. Patron saint of music. [Read more ...]

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