The Pocket Guide to World History

Catt, Carrie. 1859-1947. US feminist leader. 19th Amendment. [Read more ...]

Catullus, Gaius. c87-54BC. Roman lyric poet: Lesbia. [Read more ...]

Catulus, Gaius. 3C BC. Roman General. Defeated Carthage. Ended First Punic War. [Read more ...]

Cauchon, Pierre. 1371-1442. Bishop of Beauvais, judged Joan of Arc. [Read more ...]

Cauchy, Augustin. 1789-1857. French mathematician. [Read more ...]

Caudillo. Latin US term for military-backed leader. [Read more ...]

Cavalcanti, Guido. c1255-1300. Florentine poet. [Read more ...]

Cavalier, Jean. 1681-1740. Led Camisards 1702-4. [Read more ...]

Cavalier Parliament. 1661-79. Royalist. Repressive laws against Puritans and Catholics. [Read more ...]

Cavalier Party. 1660-88. Royalists. Became Tory. [Read more ...]

Cavalier Poets. 17C Royalists. Lovelace. Herrick. [Read more ...]

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