The Pocket Guide to World History

Catherine II, the Great. 1729-96. Autocratic Empress of Russia, 1762-. Overthrew husband, Peter III. Annexed Crimea, Polish territory. [Read more ...]

Catherine of Aragon. 1485-1536. First wife of Henry VIII. Marriage annulled. [Read more ...]

Catherine of Sienna, St. 1347-80. Influential Italian mystic. Patron saint of Italy. [Read more ...]

Catherine of Valois. 1401-37. Wife of Henry V. Mother of Henry VI and VII of England.Tudor. [Read more ...]

Catholic Emancipation Act. 1829. Catholics readmitted to English Parliament. Test Act. O’Connell. [Read more ...]

Catholic League. 1576-93. Opposed Henry IV and Huguenots. Holy Leagues. [Read more ...]

Catholic Reformation. Counter Reformation. [Read more ...]

Catiline. 109-62BC. Roman patrician who conspired against Cicero and the Senate. [Read more ...]

Cato, Marcus. 234-149BC. Roman statesman, censor, writer. Opposed Greek influence. [Read more ...]

Cato St. Conspiracy. 1820. Thistlewood plot to assassinate cabinet ministers. [Read more ...]

Catolacus. 1C Roman settlement in Paris quarter of St-Denis. [Read more ...]

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