The Pocket Guide to World History

Catacombs. (Paris) 1785. Former quarry turned into ossuary. Headquarters of WWII French Resistance. [Read more ...]

Catalan. Romance language of Andorra, NE Spain, SW France. [Read more ...]

Catalonia. Iberians. Colonized by Phoenicia, Greece, Carthage. c200BC Rome. 5C Goths. 712 Moors. c788 Charlemagne. 1137 +Aragon. 1932 Autonomous. 1939 Spain. [Read more ...]

Cateau-Cambresis, Treaty. 1559. Ended Italian Wars. Italy, Savoy to Spain. Calais to France. [Read more ...]

Catesby, Robert. 1573-1605. Planned Gunpowder Plot. [Read more ...]

Cathars. 11-14C. Christian Gnostic heretic sect. Albigens. 1030 burned in Italy. [Read more ...]

Cathay. Medieval name for N China. Polo. [Read more ...]

Cather, Willa. 1873-1947. US novelist. O Pioneers 1913. [Read more ...]

Catherine, St. 4C. Virgin martyred on the wheel in Alexandria. [Read more ...]

Catherine de Medici. 1519-89. Wife of Henry II, mother of 3 French kings, built Tuileries Palace. St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. [Read more ...]

Catherine I. c1684-1727. Empress of Russia 1725-. [Read more ...]

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