The Pocket Guide to World History

Cassivellaunus. English king def by J Caesar, 54BC. [Read more ...]

Caste System. Hereditary social division, esp. in Hindu India. Brahman. Kshatriyas. Vaisyas. Sudras. Untouchables. [Read more ...]

Castel Gandolfo. 1596-. Pope’s summer residence. [Read more ...]

Castiglione. 1796. Napoleonic victory kept Austria out of Italy. [Read more ...]

Castiglione, Baldassare. 1478-1529. Italian writer. Ideal court gentleman. Il Cortigiano 1528. [Read more ...]

Castile. 1029 Split off León 1230 + León. 1479 + Aragon. 1512 + Navarre = Spain. [Read more ...]

Castillon, Battle. 1453. Final English defeat in the Hundred Years War. [Read more ...]

Castlereagh, Robert. 1769-1822. Represented Britain at Congress of Vienna. [Read more ...]

Castor and Pollux. Greek twin dieties. Patrons of sailors. [Read more ...]

Castro, Fidel. 1926-. Cuban lawyer. Cuban Revolution. Dictator 1959-. [Read more ...]

Cat and Mouse Act. Prisoners Temporary Discharge for Health Act. 1913. Released British suffragettes on hunger strikes. [Read more ...]

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