The Pocket Guide to World History

Casals, Pablo. 1876-1973. Spanish cellist/conductor. [Read more ...]

Casanova, Giovanni. 1725-98. Venetian womanizer, famous for his amorous adventures. Memoirs 1787. [Read more ...]

Casca, Publius. c42BC. An assassin of Julius Caesar. [Read more ...]

Casement, Roger. 1864-1916. Irish. Enlisted German aid for Irish Independence during WWI. Executed. [Read more ...]

Cassander. c354-297BC. Macedonian King. Fought for control after Alexander’s death. Diadochi. [Read more ...]

Cassandra. Daughter of Priam, with gift of prophecy, but curse of never being believed. [Read more ...]

Cassini, César. 1714-84. Italian/French astronomer, cartographer of France. [Read more ...]

Cassini, Giovanni. 1625-1712. Italian astronomer. Movement of moon. [Read more ...]

Cassino. 1944. Town, monastery destroyed in German defence of route to Rome. [Read more ...]

Cassiopeia. Andromeda’s mother. [Read more ...]

Cassius, Gaius. c42BC. Led assassination of Julius Caesar. Suicide. [Read more ...]

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