The Pocket Guide to World History

Carthusians. 1084. Strict order of monks founded by St Bruno. Inventors of Chartreuse liqueur. [Read more ...]

Cartier, Jacques. 1491-1557. French explorer, discovered St. Lawrence River 1534. [Read more ...]

Cartouche. 1693-1721. Chief of a band of thieves in Paris 1717-. [Read more ...]

Cartwright, Alexander. “Father of American baseball”. Established rules for modern game. [Read more ...]

Cartwright, Edmund. 1743-1823. Power loom 1785. [Read more ...]

Cartwright, John. 1740-1824. English reformer for universal male suffrage, abolition of slavery. [Read more ...]

Caruso, Enrico. 1873-1921. Dramatic Italian tenor. [Read more ...]

Carver, George W. 1864-1943. US agriculturalist. Former slave. [Read more ...]

Carver, John. 1576-1621. English pilgrim, First Governor of Plymouth. [Read more ...]

Caryatid. Draped female figure used as arch. column. Esp. Erechtheum, Athens c420BC. [Read more ...]

Casablanca, Conference. 1943. Allies agree to fight Axis and Japan to unconditional surrender. [Read more ...]

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