The Pocket Guide to World History

Carrera, Rafael. 1814-65. Guatemala revolutionary. Dictator 1840-. Ended CAF, Guatemala independent. [Read more ...]

Carrhae, Battle. 53BC. Failed Roman invasion of Parthia. Crassus killed. End of first triumvirate. [Read more ...]

Carrillo, Julian. 1875-1965. Mexican composer of microtonic music. [Read more ...]

Carrol, Lewis. = Dodgson, Charles. [Read more ...]

Carson, Edward. 1854-1935. Irish. Formed Ulster Volunteers to resist Home Rule. [Read more ...]

Carson, Kit. 1809-68. US frontier guide. [Read more ...]

Carson, Rachel. 1907-64. US biologist: The Silent Spring 1962. [Read more ...]

Carter, Elliott. 1908-. US composer. Experimental approach to material and structure. [Read more ...]

Carter, Jimmy. 1924-. US President 1977-81. Camp David Talks. Habitat for Humanity. [Read more ...]

Cartesians. Descartes. [Read more ...]

Carthage. 814BC Phoenician colony. Dido. 574BC Independence after Tyre falls. 480BC Republic. 264-146BC Punic Wars. Hannibal. 146BC Rome razes, rebuilds. 439 Vandals plunder. 533 Byzantine. 705 Moslem. Tunis. [Read more ...]

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