The Pocket Guide to World History

Caroline Affair. 1837. Canadians destroy US vessel at Niagara for supplying rebels. Mackenzie. [Read more ...]

Carolingians. French dynasty 751-987. Merovingians. Charlemagne. Holy Roman Empire. [Read more ...]

Carothers, Wallace. 1896-1937. Invented nylon, 1935 at duPont. [Read more ...]

Carpeaux, Jean-Baptiste. 1827-75. Neo-Baroque Paris sculptor. La Danse 1869. [Read more ...]

Carpetbagger. 1865-77. Northern politicians in S US during Reconstruction. [Read more ...]

Carpion. Greek. An architect of Parthenon. [Read more ...]

Carpocrations. 2C-6C. Gnostic heretic sect. [Read more ...]

Carr, Emily. 1871-1945. Canadian writer and primitivist painter. Klee Wick 1941. [Read more ...]

Carracci, Annibale. 1560-1609. It Baroque painter. Palazzo Farnese frescoes 1599-1601. [Read more ...]

Carrel, Alexis. 1873-1944. French/US surgeon. Pioneered transplants. [Read more ...]

Carrera, José. 1785-1821. Chilean rebel leader, First President 1811-14. [Read more ...]

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