The Pocket Guide to World History

Cape Frontier Wars. =Kaffir Wars. [Read more ...]

Cape of Good Hope. Bantu. 1652 Dutch. 1814 British Cape Colony. 1910 Province, South Africa. [Read more ...]

Cape Verde. 1455 Portugal disc, settle w slaves. 1975 Independent rep. [Read more ...]

Capek, Karel. 1890-1938. Czech playwright. Rossum’s Universal Robots. -coined term 1920. [Read more ...]

Capella, Martianus. 4-5C. Carthaginian liberal arts curriculum. Influential through Middle Ages. [Read more ...]

Capernaum. Jesus’ second home and site of miracles. [Read more ...]

Capet, Hugh. Hugh Capet. [Read more ...]

Capetians. Dynasty that ruled France 987-1328. [Read more ...]

Capital Punishment. Abolished: 1863 Venezuela; 1870 Netherlands; 1877 Costa Rica; 1949 Germany; 1965 Britain; 1969 Vatican City; 1972 US (reinstated 1976); 1976 Canada; 1981 France; (96 countries). Retained: Iran, Iraq, N Korea, USA (95 countries). [Read more ...]

Capitalism. System of private ownership of property and industry for profit. Free enterprise. Smith. [Read more ...]

Capitol. 1793-1800 Washington DC. Arch.: Thornton. [Read more ...]

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