The Pocket Guide to World History

Cánovas, Antonio. 1828-97. Spanish premier. Helped restore Alfonso XIII. Wrote constitution. [Read more ...]

Cantabri. Iberian tribe def by Romans. [Read more ...]

Canterbury, Archbishop. 597-. Primate of all England. Leader of Anglican church world-wide. [Read more ...]

Canterbury Cathedral. 1070-89. First double transept. [Read more ...]

Canterbury Christmas. 1647. Parliament bans Christmas celebration. [Read more ...]

Canton Commune. 1927. Communist coup crushed by Kuomintang. [Read more ...]

Canton System. 1759-1842. All China foreign trade through Canton. [Read more ...]

Canute. 994-1035. Firm, but wise King of England, Denmark, Norway. United England, Denmark. 1018. [Read more ...]

Canute II. 1043-86. Danish King, Patron Saint. [Read more ...]

Capac, Manro. 12C. Legendary F. of Incas. [Read more ...]

Cape Colony. 1806 British colony. South Africa. [Read more ...]

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