The Pocket Guide to World History

Capone, Al. 1899-1947. Chicago mobster of 1920s. [Read more ...]

Caporetto, Battle. 1917. Disastrous Italian loss vs Austria and Germany. [Read more ...]

Capote, Truman. 1924-84. US novelist. Breakfast at Tiffany’s 1958. In Cold Blood 1965. [Read more ...]

Capua. (Ancient) c600BC Etruria. c440BC Samnites. 338BC Rome. 216BC Hannibal. 211BC Rome. 456 Vandals. c840 Saracens destroy. Rebuilt as Sta Maria Capua Vetere. [Read more ...]

Capua. (Modern). Founded 856. «Kingdom of Naples. [Read more ...]

Capuchin. 1525. Powerful Franciscan mendicant order of monks. [Read more ...]

Carabobo, Battle. 1821. Venezuela defeats Spain, gaining independence. [Read more ...]

Caracalla. 188-217. Brutal Roman Emperor 211-. [Read more ...]

Caran d’Ache. 1858-1909. Russian/French humorist, cartoonist. [Read more ...]

Caratacus. British chieftain. Fought Romans, 43-50. [Read more ...]

Carausius, Marcus. 245-293. Rebel Roman General. Ruled Britain 286-. [Read more ...]

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