The Pocket Guide to World History

Camel, Battle of the. 656. Basra. Ali victory in first Moslem Civil War. [Read more ...]

Camelot. Legendary court of King Arthur. [Read more ...]

Cameron, Richard. 1648-80. Scottish preacher. Defended Solemn League and Covenant at Airds Moss. [Read more ...]

Cameron, Verney. 1844-94. English African explorer. [Read more ...]

Cameroon. 1472 Portugal explores. 16-19C Slave source. 1884 Germany. 1916 France(E)/Britain(W). 1960 Independent. 1961 NW to Nigeria; SW =Cameroon Republic. [Read more ...]

Camillus, Marcus Furius. 4C BC. Defended Rome against Gaul attack, 387BC. Elected dictator. [Read more ...]

Camisards. 1702-6. French Protestants who rebelled against Catholic persecution. [Read more ...]

Camões, Luis de. c1524-80. Portuguese poet: Os Lusiadas, about Portugal’s explorations. [Read more ...]

Camorra. 1820-1911. Naples secret criminal society. Became political party. [Read more ...]

Camp David Accords. 1978. Israel-Egypt peace negotiations. Egypt regains Sinai 1982. Begin. Sadat. [Read more ...]

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. CND. 1958- Founded by Russell. Aldermaston Marches. The peace symbol, overlaid semaphore ND, was designed for the CND. [Read more ...]

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