The Pocket Guide to World History

Calvin, John. 1509-64. Reformist in Switzerland and France. Predestination, truth by faith. Institutes of Christian Religion 1536, used by others to justify Protestantism. Calvinism. [Read more ...]

Calvinism. New concept of work. Diligence, frugality, beyond satisfaction of material needs. Predestination. Strict Rectitude. Presbyterianism. Calvin. Remonstrants. [Read more ...]

Calypso. Nymph who entertained Ulysses, delaying his voyage for seven years. [Read more ...]

Cambodia. Kampuchea. [Read more ...]

Cambrai, Battle. 1917. First use of tanks (by British). [Read more ...]

Cambrai League. 1508-10. Holy Roman Empire, Aragon, France, Rome vs Venice. [Read more ...]

Cambridge Agreement. 1629. Allowed Puritans to manage Massachussets Bay Company. [Read more ...]

Cambridge Platonists. 17C. Tried to synthesize Plato and Christianity. Christian Humanists. [Read more ...]

Cambyses II. -522BC. Persian conquerer of Egypt, 525BC. [Read more ...]

Camden, Battle. 1780 British victory. American Revolution. [Read more ...]

Camden Town Group. 1902-13. English Postimpressionist artists. London Group. [Read more ...]

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