The Pocket Guide to World History

Campanella, Tommaso. 1568-1639. Italian monk, philosopher. City of the Sun 1602 parallels Plato’s Republic. [Read more ...]

Campbell, John. 1635-1716. Glencoe massacre organizer. [Read more ...]

Campbell, John. 1678-1743. Scottish general. Suppressed Jacobite revolt 1715. [Read more ...]

Campbell, Thomas. 1777-1844. Scottish poet: Pleasures of Hope, Ye Mariners of England. [Read more ...]

Campin, Robert. 1378-1444. Flemish artist. Mérode Altarpiece c1428. [Read more ...]

Campion, Edmund. 1540-81. English Jesuit martyr. Denounced Anglican church. [Read more ...]

Campo Formio, Peace. 1797. Austria surrenders to Napoleon. Independent Venice abolished. [Read more ...]

Camus, Albert. 1913-60. Existentialist absurd French writer: l’Étranger, Caligula. [Read more ...]

Canaan. Biblical Palestine. Israeli promised land. [Read more ...]

Canada. 1000 Norse visit. 1497 Cabot explores. 1534 French claim Quebec. 1583 English claim, settle Newfoundland. 1605 French settle Quebec. 1763 British conquer French territory. 1867 Independent Dominion. 1870 +northwest territories. 1871 +British Columbia. 1873 +PEI. 1949 +Newfoundland, Labrador. [Read more ...]

Canadian Pacific Railway. 1871-87. Joined BC to Canada. Condition of BC joining Canada. [Read more ...]

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