The Pocket Guide to World History

Calles, Plutarco. 1877-1945. Mexican President. Banned RC church 1924-9. [Read more ...]

Calley, Wm. Convicted of My Lai Massacre. [Read more ...]

Callias, Peace. 450BC. Greece and Persia. [Read more ...]

Callicrates. Greek. An architect of Parthenon. [Read more ...]

Callimachus. 5C BC Greek sculptor. First Corinthian columns. [Read more ...]

Calliope. The Greek Muse of epic poetry. [Read more ...]

Callisto. Greek nymph changed to Ursa Major constellation. [Read more ...]

Callot, Jacques. 1592-1635. French painter and engraver. [Read more ...]

Calmette, Albert. 1863-1933. French discoverer of TB vaccine. [Read more ...]

Calonne, Charles de. 1734-1802. French finance Minister. Reform attempts led to French Revolution [Read more ...]

Calpurnia. 1C BC. 3rd wife of Julius Caesar. [Read more ...]

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