The Pocket Guide to World History

Calchas. Wise Greek prophet at Troy. Advised use of Trojan Horse. [Read more ...]

Calder, Alexander. 1898-1976. US sculptor of mobiles. [Read more ...]

Calderón de la Barca, Pedro. 1600-81. Spanish dramatist: El divino Orfeo-“Life is a dream” 1635. [Read more ...]

Caldwell, Erskine. 1903-87. US author. Tobacco Road. God’s Little Acre 1933. [Read more ...]

Caleb. Spy sent by Moses to Canaan. [Read more ...]

Caledonia. Roman name for north of BritainScotland. [Read more ...]

California. 1542 Spain. 1769 Spanish colonize. Serra. 1822 Mexico. 1848 US. 1850 State. [Read more ...]

Caligula, Gaius. 12-41. Ruthless Roman Emperor. [Read more ...]

Caliphate Empire. 632-1258. Moslem Empire founded by Muhammad. From Afghanistan to north Africa and Spain. Umayyad. Abbasid. [Read more ...]

Callaghan, James. 1912-. British Labour Prime Minister 1976-9. [Read more ...]

Callaghan, Morley. 1903-90. Canadian writer. Such is my Beloved 1934. [Read more ...]

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