The Pocket Guide to World History

Cahenslyism. 19C European Roman Catholics in US press Pope for pastors and parishes of their nationality. [Read more ...]

Caillaux, Joseph. 1863-1944. French pacifist politician. Early supporter of Income Tax. [Read more ...]

Cailletet. First to liquify air, 1877. [Read more ...]

Caillié, René. 1799-1838. French explorer in Africa. [Read more ...]

Cain. Elder son of Adam and Eve. Killed Abel. [Read more ...]

Cairo Conferences. 1943. Allies discuss far east policies with Chiang Kai-shek. [Read more ...]

Cairo Riots. 1919, 30, 52. vs British rule. Egypt. [Read more ...]

Cakste, Janis. 1859-1927. Latvian independence leader, First president 1922-. [Read more ...]

Calais. British siege 1346. Six burghers offer their lives to save town. Britain controls -1558. [Read more ...]

Calamity Jane. (Martha Jane Burke). 1852-1903. US sharpshooter frontierswoman. [Read more ...]

Calatrava, Knights. 1158-1493. Defended Spain vs Moors. Controlled large areas. [Read more ...]

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