The Pocket Guide to World History

Cadoudal, Georges. 1771-1804. French Royalist leader. Plotted Napoleon’s assassination. Executed. [Read more ...]

Cadwaller. -689. Last Briton king; led people to Brittany. [Read more ...]

Caedman. 7C. First English Christian poet. [Read more ...]

Caerleon. Wales. Possible site of Camelot. [Read more ...]

Caesar. 208-68BC Roman family. 68BC-138 Title of Roman Emperor. [Read more ...]

Caesar, Julius. 100-44BC. Roman general. 58BC conquered Gaul. 55BC Invaded Britain. 49BC Crossed Rubicon. Established Julian calendar. de Bello Gallico 51BC. Assassinated. [Read more ...]

CAF. Central America Federation. [Read more ...]

Caffaro di Caschifellone. c1080-1166. Genoese crusader, wrote chronicles. [Read more ...]

Cage, John. 1912-92. Father of US avant-garde musical movement. Experiments with randomness and new sounds. [Read more ...]

Cagliorosto. 1743-95. Italian charlatan in Louis XIV court. Diamond Necklace Affair. [Read more ...]

Cagoulards. 1930s. French Fascist terrorists vs Third Republic. [Read more ...]

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