The Pocket Guide to World History

Cabrera, Ramón. 1806-87. Spanish Carlist leader. [Read more ...]

Cabrillo, Juan. -1543. Portuguese explorer. Discovered California for Spain. [Read more ...]

Cabrini, St. Frances Xavier. 1850-1917. First American saint. [Read more ...]

Caccini, Giulio. 1550-1618. Italian composer. Monodic music, early operas. [Read more ...]

Cacus. Son of Vulcan, a notorious thief, killed by Hercules. [Read more ...]

Cade’s Rebellion. 1450. English small property holders revolt. War of Roses. [Read more ...]

Cadillac, Antoine. 1658-1730. French Founded Detroit. [Read more ...]

Cadiz. 1100BC Phoenicia...501BC Carthage. 206BC Rome. 409 Visigoth. 535 Byzantine. 711 Moors 1262 Castile. [Read more ...]

Cadiz, Constitution. 1812-13. Limited monarchy. [Read more ...]

Cadiz Uprising. 1820. C. Constitution reimplemented. [Read more ...]

Cadmus. Mythical founder of Thebes. Introduced alphabet to Greeks. Europa’s brother. [Read more ...]

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