The Pocket Guide to World History

Byzantium. 7C BC Greek city. 330 =Constantinople. 1453 =Istanbul. [Read more ...]

Cabal. 1667-73. Charles II’s advisers: Clifford, Arlington, Buckingham, Ashley, Lauderdale. [Read more ...]

Cabala. 12C. Jewish mystical scripture interpretation. [Read more ...]

Cabezan. 1510-66. Spanish. Early keyboard composer. [Read more ...]

Cabinet. Evolved from English Privy Council, 18C. Ministers controlling government policy. [Read more ...]

Cabiri. Phrygian, later Greek fertility cult gods: Demeter, Hermes, Persephone. [Read more ...]

Cable, George. 1844-1925. US author on color problem: Ole Creole Days 1879. Silent South 1885. [Read more ...]

Cabochiens. 1411-18. Paris tradesmen. Supported Burgundians vs Armagnacs. [Read more ...]

Cabot, John. c1450-99. Genoese explorer for England. Discovered Newfoundland, Labrador, 1497. [Read more ...]

Cabot, Sebastian. c1474-1557. Venetian explorer for Spain and England. Hudson’s Bay, South America. [Read more ...]

Cabral, Pedro. 1467-1520. Portuguese navigator. Discovered Brazil 1500. [Read more ...]

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