The Pocket Guide to World History

Butler, Samuel. 1612-80. English satirical poet. Hudibras 1662. [Read more ...]

Butler, Samuel. 1835-1902. English utopian author. Erewhon 1872. [Read more ...]

Bye Plot. Surprise Plot. [Read more ...]

Bylini. Russian oral historical poems. [Read more ...]

Byng, Julian. 1862-1935. British General. Commanded Canadian forces, captured Vimy Ridge 1917. Canadian Governor General 1921-6. [Read more ...]

Byrd, Richard. 1888-1957. US aviator, explorer. Flight over North Pole, 1926. [Read more ...]

Byrd, William. c1543-1623. British madrigal, church keyboard composer. [Read more ...]

Byron, Lord. 1788-1824. English Romantic poet. Aided Greek indep. Hours of Idleness, Prisoner of Chillon, Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage 1812, Don Juan 1812. [Read more ...]

Byzantine Architecture. 330-600. Ecclesiastic style. Domes. Vaults. Hagia Sophia 537. [Read more ...]

Byzantine Art. 6C-1453. Miniature enamels, mosaics, frescoes. [Read more ...]

Byzantine Empire. 395-1453. Eastern Roman Empire. Reduced by: 634 Caliphate Empire, 1042 Seljuks, 1204 Crusaders’ Latin Empire, 1453 Ottoman Empire. [Read more ...]

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