The Pocket Guide to World History

Bubonic Plague. Plague. [Read more ...]

Buccaneers. 1630-97. British,French,Dutch pirates vs Spanish ships and colonies in Caribbean, S. America. Morgan. [Read more ...]

Bucchero Ware. 7-5C BC Shiny black Etruscan pottery. [Read more ...]

Buccolics. Poems of Virgil. [Read more ...]

Bucephalus. -326BC. Alexander the Great’ s horse. [Read more ...]

Buchanan, James. 1791-1868. US President 1857-61. Compromise policy failed to avert civil war. [Read more ...]

Bucharest, Treaty. 1812. Ended Russo-Turkish War. 1886. Serbia restores Rumelia to Bulgaria. 1913. Settled 2nd Balkan War. 1918. Romania capitulates to Central Powers. Voided by Allied victory. [Read more ...]

Buchenwald. 1937-45. Nazi concentration camp. Medical research, slave labour. 52,500 dead. [Read more ...]

Buchman, Frank. 1878-1961. English founder of Buchmanism. [Read more ...]

Buchmanism. 1922-65. Christian revivalist movement stressing honesty, purity, love, unselfishness. =Moral Rearmament 1938. Oxford Group. [Read more ...]

Buck, Pearl S. 1892-1973. US novelist of Chinese life. Good Earth 1931. [Read more ...]

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