The Pocket Guide to World History

Bucket Shop. Brokerage house that attempted to profit by delaying placing orders. Now illegal. [Read more ...]

Buckingham Palace. 1703. Rebuilt by Nash 1825. London residence of British sovereigns since 1837. [Read more ...]

Buckle, Henry. 1821-62. English scientific historian. [Read more ...]

Buddha. c566-486BC. Gautama, Siddhartha. Indian prince, Buddhism founder. [Read more ...]

Buddhism. c528BC. Widely practised in Asia. Nirvana is achieved by following the 8-fold path and 4 Noble Truths. 1C BC Mahayana Sutras. 6C reaches Japan. 12C Zen Buddhism widely practiced in Japan. [Read more ...]

Budé, Guillaume. 1467-1540. Humanist, Greek scholar. Founded Collège de France. [Read more ...]

Buffalo Bill. (William Cody). 1846-1917. US western adventurer, showman. [Read more ...]

Buffon, Georges. 1707-88. Naturalist, founded Botanical Gardens, Paris. 36 vol Natural History 1753. [Read more ...]

Buffons, War of. 1752. Paris intellectuals debate Italian vs French opera. Rousseau. [Read more ...]

Buganda.19C African kingdom. 1890s Britain. 1962 Independent under Uganda. 1966 Uganda. [Read more ...]

Buisson, Ferdinand. 1841-1932. French educator. Founded League of Human Rights 1898. [Read more ...]

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