The Pocket Guide to World History

Brunhild. 534-613. Visigoth queen of Austrasia. Fued w Fredegund. Def by Neustria. Executed by having her hair tied to tail of wild horse. [Read more ...]

Bruno, Giordano. 1548-1600. Italian Copernican philosopher opposed to dogma. Burned as heretic. [Read more ...]

Bruno, St. c1035-c1101. Founder of German Carthusian Order 1084. [Read more ...]

Brussels, Treaty. 1948. = Western Union. 50 year alliance of Britain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands. 1954 + W Germany, Italy. [Read more ...]

Brut. Unrestricted style of art produced by those outside of society: insane, criminal, etc. [Read more ...]

Brute. Descendant of Aeneas, said to have founded New Troy at London.. [Read more ...]

Brutus, Lucius. Ousted Etruscan Tarquinius to found Roman republic 509BC.. [Read more ...]

Brutus, Marcus. 85-42BC. Conspired vs Caesar. Commited suicide after Philippi. [Read more ...]

Bryan, William Jennings. 1860-1925. US Democrat vs Gold Standard. Scopes prosecutor. [Read more ...]

Bryant, William. 1794-1878. US poet/journalist. Founded Republican Party. Evening Post. [Read more ...]

Buber, Martin. 1878-1965. Austrian/Israeli philosopher. I and Thou 1923. -Man’s relation to God. [Read more ...]

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