The Pocket Guide to World History

Brown, Lancelot “Capability”. 1715-83. English landscape architect. Created the definitive “English Garden”: assymmetric, harmonious, accidental. Blenheim. Prior Park. [Read more ...]

Brown, Robert. 1773-1858. Scottish botanist: Brownian movement. Plant cell nucleus. [Read more ...]

Browne, Robert. 1550-1633. English founder of congregationalist Brownist sect, 1580. Exiled. [Read more ...]

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett. 1806-61. English poet: Sonnets from the Portuguese 1848. Aurora Leigh 1857. Wife of Robert. [Read more ...]

Browning, Robert. 1812-89. English epic poet: Ring and the Book. [Read more ...]

Brownshirts. SA. [Read more ...]

Broz, Josip. = Tito. [Read more ...]

Bruant, Aristide. 1851-1925. French singer. [Read more ...]

Bruant, Libéral. 1635-97. Architect: Les Invalides 1671. [Read more ...]

Bruce, James. 1730-94. African explorer 1768-73. [Read more ...]

Bruce, Robert the. 1274-1329. Scottish King 1306-. Vs Edward I and II. Bannockburn victory. [Read more ...]

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