The Pocket Guide to World History

Bronte, Charlotte. 1816-55. English Romantic author: Jane Eyre 1847; Shirley, Villette 1853. [Read more ...]

Bronte, Emily. 1818-48. English Romantic novelist of passionate intensity: Wuthering Heights 1847. [Read more ...]

Bronze Age. 3500-500BC. First uses of metal for arms and tools. Began in Near East. Society more structured. Specialization begins. Iron Age. [Read more ...]

Brook Farm. 1841-7. Massachussets commune. Ripley. Hawthorne. [Read more ...]

Brooke, James. 1803-68. British “White Raja”; family ruled Sarawak 1841-1946. [Read more ...]

Brosse, Salomon de. 1571-1624. Architect: Luxembourg Palace 1615. [Read more ...]

Broussel. Parliamentarian, whose arrest by Anne of Austria began the Fronde 1648. [Read more ...]

Brown, Arthur. 1886-1948. First non-stop transatlantic flight, 1919, with Alcock. [Read more ...]

Brown, Charles. 1771-1810. “Father of American novel”. Wieland 1798. [Read more ...]

Brown, George. 1818-80. Scottish/Canadian statesman. Founded Toronto Globe 1844. [Read more ...]

Brown, John. 1800-59. US slavery abolitionist. Harper’s Ferry. Hung. [Read more ...]

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