The Pocket Guide to World History

Bruckner, Anton. 1824-96. Austrian Classical Romantic composer of symphonies, masses. Romantic Symphony 1874. [Read more ...]

Bruegel, Jan (Velvet). 1568-1625. Flemish painter of landscape and still life. [Read more ...]

Bruegel, Pieter (the Elder). 1525-69. Flemish narrative painter of village life. Natural realism. Peasant Wedding 1567. Hunters in the Snow 1565. [Read more ...]

Brumaire. 2nd Month of French Revolutionary calendar. [Read more ...]

Brumaire, Coup of 18. Napoleon abolished Directory, est’d Consulate. [Read more ...]

Brummel, George. (Beau). 1778-1840. English dandy, fashion leader. [Read more ...]

Brundisium, Treaty. 40BC. Antony rules east, Octavian rules west of Roman Empire. [Read more ...]

Brunei. 15C + Borneo. 16-18C Decline; European colonies. 1888 British protectorate. WWII Japanese occupy. 1971 Self-governing. 1983 Independent Sultanate. [Read more ...]

Brunel, Isambard. 1806-59. British inventor of transatlantic steamship, 1838; screw propeller, 1845. [Read more ...]

Brunel, Marc. 1769-1849. French engineer. Thames tunnel 1825-42. [Read more ...]

Brunelleschi, Filippo. 1377-1446. Florentine architect. Dome of Florence Cathedral 1420. Perspective 1415. [Read more ...]

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