The Pocket Guide to World History

British North America Act. 1867. Granted Canada self-governing Dominion status. [Read more ...]

British Somaliland. 1880 British protectorate. 1960 +Italian Somaliland =independent Somalia. [Read more ...]

British Virgin Is. Arawak. Carib. 1493 Columbus. 1555 Spain. 1648 Dutch. 1666 British settle. 1960 British Crown Colony. [Read more ...]

Britons. 6C BC-6C Celtic inhabitants of England. [Read more ...]

Brittany. Inhab c3500BC. Celts. 57BC Rome. 5-6C Britons (Celts) re-settle. 12C Capetian. 1365 Montfort Dukedom. 1532 France. [Read more ...]

Britten, Benjamin. 1913-76. Influential English composer of operas and symphonies. Paul Bunyan 1941. Billy Budd 1951. War Requiem 1962. Death in Venice 1973. [Read more ...]

Broca, Paul. 1824-80. French pathologist; discovered brain’s speech center. [Read more ...]

Brock, Isaac. 1769-1812. British military commander. Upper Canada hero in War of 1812. [Read more ...]

Broglie, Louis de. 1892-1987. Italian/French physicist. Wave/particle theory. [Read more ...]

Brongniart, Adolph. 1801-76. French father of paleobotany. [Read more ...]

Bronte, Anne. 1820-49. English novelist. Agnes Grey 1847. Sister of Charlotte, Emily. [Read more ...]

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