The Pocket Guide to World History

Britain. Anglicized Roman Brittania. Great Britain. [Read more ...]

Britain, Battle of. 1940-1. German blitz air raids on British civilian centers. RAF defeats Luftwaffe, averting invasion. [Read more ...]

Britannica, Encyclopedia. 1768. 1910 moved to US. [Read more ...]

Britannicus. 41-55. Son of Claudius, poisoned by Nero. [Read more ...]

British East Africa. 1888. Former protectorates. Kenya, Uganda, Zanzibar, Tanganyika. [Read more ...]

British East India Company. 1600-1858. For trade with Asia. Took political control. [Read more ...]

British Empire. 1500-1997. Britain, its colonies and protectorates. Commonwealth. [Read more ...]

British Empire, Order of. 1917. Honours service to government. [Read more ...]

British Guiana. Guyana. [Read more ...]

British Honduras. Belize. [Read more ...]

British Museum. World’s largest museum. Building 1823-52. Founded 1753 from Sloane Collection legacy. Elgin Marbles. Rosetta Stone. [Read more ...]

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