The Pocket Guide to World History

Breton. Language of Brittany, Cornwall. [Read more ...]

Breton, André. 1896-1966. French poet. Surrealist Manifesto 1924. [Read more ...]

Breton Succession War. 1341-65. Reestablishd Montfort rule in Brittany. [Read more ...]

Bretton Woods. 1944. Economic conference. Created International Monetary Fund, World Bank. [Read more ...]

Breuer, Josef. 1842-1925. Austrian doctor. First psychoanalysis by hypnotism. [Read more ...]

Breviary of Alaric. 506. Visigoth law code. [Read more ...]

Brewster, David. 1781-1868. Scottish discoverer of light polarization 1799, kaleidoscope 1817. [Read more ...]

Brezhnev, Leonid. 1906-82. Soviet First Secretary 1964-. Detente. Brezhnev Doctrine. [Read more ...]

Brezhnev Doctrine. 1968. Justified Czech invasion by Soviet right to defend Socialism worldwide. [Read more ...]

Brian Boru. 941-1014. King of Munster 964-, unified Ireland, king 1002-. Began O’Brien dynasty. [Read more ...]

Briand, Aristide. 1862-1932. French Prime Minister 1909~29, orator. “Separation of Church and State”, 1905. Advocated union of Europe. Kellogg-Briand. [Read more ...]

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