The Pocket Guide to World History

Brecht, Bertolt. 1898-1956. German experimental dramatist: Threepenny Opera 1928. Mother Courage. [Read more ...]

Breda Compromise. 1566. Dutch petition against Inquisition. Dutch Revolt -1579. [Read more ...]

Breda Declaration. 1660. Charles II conciliatory statement. Amnesty and religious toleration. [Read more ...]

Breda Treaty. 1667. Ends Anglo-Dutch War. England gains New York. [Read more ...]

Brehon Laws. (Feinechus) 8-17C. Irish legal system. [Read more ...]

Breitenfeld, Battles. 1631,42. Swedish victories over Catholic League in 30 Years War. Sweden a great power. [Read more ...]

Brendan, St. 484-578. Celtic abbot, legendary Atlantic navigator to North America. [Read more ...]

Breslau, Treaty. 1742. Ends first Silesian War. [Read more ...]

Brest-Litovsk, Treaty. 1918. Russia exits WWI leaving 1/3 population in German hands. [Read more ...]

Brethren, Church. 1708. German/US Pacifist Christian church. [Read more ...]

Brétigny, Treaty (Calais). 1360. After Poitiers defeat, French John II ransomed for 3M gold crowns; Aquitaine to England. [Read more ...]

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