The Pocket Guide to World History

Briand-Kellog Pact. Kellogg-Briand. [Read more ...]

Briareus. 100 armed 50 headed Greek giant. = Aegaeon. [Read more ...]

Bridget, St. 1303-73. Swedish visionary, Patron St. F. Brigittine Order. [Read more ...]

Bridgewater Canal. 1761. Brindley. First British canal. Brought coal to Manchester stimulating industrialization. [Read more ...]

Bright, John. 1811-89. English Quaker MP: Free Trade Movement. Cobden. Anti-Corn Law. [Read more ...]

Brigit, St. 453-523. Founded Kildare nunnery. Irish Patron St. [Read more ...]

Brill, Paul. 1554-1626. Flemish Mannerist landscape painter. [Read more ...]

Brindley, James. 1716-72. English engineer. Bridgewater Canal 1761. [Read more ...]

Brinkmanship. Policy of staying at brink of war. [Read more ...]

Brinvilliers, Marie. 1630-76. French poisoner, beheaded. Poisons Affair. [Read more ...]

Bristol Riots. 1831. For British parliamentary reform. [Read more ...]

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