The Pocket Guide to World History

Brady, Diamond Jim. 1856-1917. US millionaire speculator. [Read more ...]

Brady, Matthew. c1823-96. US Civil War photographer. [Read more ...]

Braganca. Ruling dynasty of Portugal 1640-1910, Brazil 1822-89. [Read more ...]

Bragg, William. 1862-1942. English discoverer of crystallography by x-ray diffraction. with son Lawrence (1890-1971). [Read more ...]

Brahe, Tycho. 1546-1601. Danish astronomer. Compiled observations 1572 used by Kepler. [Read more ...]

Brahma. Vedic Hindu god with Vishnu, Siva. Creator. [Read more ...]

Brahman. Supreme being in Upanishads. [Read more ...]

Brahmanas. 900-700BC Vedic texts for sacrifices. [Read more ...]

Brahmanism. 700-500BC. Philosophical period of Hinduism. Upanishads. Vedism. [Read more ...]

Brahmavihara. Brahman heaven, attained by sympathy, compassion, joy, equanimity. [Read more ...]

Brahmin. Highest Hindu caste. [Read more ...]

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