The Pocket Guide to World History

Brahms, Johannes. 1833-97. German composer. “Romantic spirit controlled by a classical intellect”. Requiem 1868. [Read more ...]

Braille, Louis. 1809-1852. French inventor of raised alphabet for the blind, 1824. [Read more ...]

Brains Trust. 1932. Roosevelt’s advisers on New Deal. [Read more ...]

Braithwaite. 1829. First steam fire engine. [Read more ...]

Bramah, Joseph. 1748-1814. English Invented combination lock 1784, hydraulic press, modern toilet. [Read more ...]

Bramante, Donato. 1444-1514. Italian architect. St. Peter’s 1506. [Read more ...]

Brancusi, Constantin. 1876-1957. Romanian abstract sculptor. Bird in Space 1919. [Read more ...]

Brandt, Willy. 1913-92. Pragmatic Social Democrat Chancellor of West Germany 1969-74. [Read more ...]

Brandywine, Battle. 1777. British victory in American Revolution. Diversion led to loss at Saratoga. [Read more ...]

Bransfield, Edward. 1795-1852. English. First to sight Antarctica, 1820. [Read more ...]

Brant, Joseph. 1742-1807. Indian chief allied with British in American Revolution. [Read more ...]

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