The Pocket Guide to World History

Boyacá, Battle. 1819. South American rebels win independence from New Granada from Spain. Bolivar. Santander. [Read more ...]

Boyar. 10-17C. Russ. noble landowners. [Read more ...]

Boycott, Charles. 1832-97. English land agent boycotted in Ireland, 1879. Land League. [Read more ...]

Boyle, Robert. 1627-91. English scientist. Gas law: given T, PV=k, 1662. [Read more ...]

Boyne, Battle. 1690. James II attempts to retake throne; defeated by William III, ending Catholic Stuart power in Ireland. Celebrated by Orangemen, Jul 12. [Read more ...]

Brabant Revolution. 1789-90. Belgians vs Hapsburgs. Crushed by Austrian forces. [Read more ...]

Brackenridge, Hugh. 1748-1816. Scottish/US novelist. Modern Chivalry 1792. [Read more ...]

Bradlaugh, Charles. 1833-91. Radical atheist MP, 1880-. Oath Act, permitting affirmation for swearing in. [Read more ...]

Bradley, F.H. 1846-1924. English Idealist philosopher. Appearances and Reality 1893. [Read more ...]

Bradley, Omar. 1893-1981. US D-Day General. [Read more ...]

Bradstreet, Anne. c1612-72. English/US poet. [Read more ...]

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