The Pocket Guide to World History

Bourges, Pragmatic Sanction. 1438. French Charles VIII supports Gallicanism vs pope. [Read more ...]

Bourguiba, Habib. 1903-2000. Tunisian Nationalist president 1956-87. Moderate socialist. [Read more ...]

Bourne, Randolph. 1886-1918. US pacifist essayist. Untimely Papers 1919. [Read more ...]

Bouvines, Battle. 1214. French defeat English, HRE coalition. Recapture Angou...France a major power. [Read more ...]

Boveri, Theodor. 1864-1915. German cytologist. Chromosomes, 1904. [Read more ...]

Bowditch, Nathaniel. 1773-1838. US self-educated astronomer, mathematician. New American Practical Navigator 1802. [Read more ...]

Bowdler, Thomas. 1754-1825. English publisher of expurgated Family Shakespeare 1818. [Read more ...]

Bowie, James. 1796-1836. US frontiersman. Bowie knife. [Read more ...]

Bowring, Treaty. 1855. Opened Siam to British trade. [Read more ...]

Boxer Rebellion. 1900. Massacre of ‘foreign devils’ by Chinese led to reprisals and Peking Protocol. [Read more ...]

Boxers. 1896-1901. Chinese secret Society of Harmonious Fists vs foreigners. B Rebellion. [Read more ...]

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