The Pocket Guide to World History

Bootlegging. 1920-33. Illegal trafficking in alcohol during Prohibition. [Read more ...]

Bordeaux. 4C Rome. 412 Goths. 508 Clovis. 1154 English. 1453 France. [Read more ...]

Borden, Lizzie. 1860-1927. US. Acquitted of father’s and stepmother’s axe murders 1892. [Read more ...]

Borden, Robert. 1854-1937. Canadian Cons Prime Minister 1911-20. Union Gov’t. Imperial War Cabinet. Women suffrage. [Read more ...]

Bordet, Jules. 1870-1961. Belgian bacteriologist, immunologist. [Read more ...]

Boreas. Greek personification of the north wind. [Read more ...]

Borel, Petrus. 1809-59. French Romantic poet, writer. [Read more ...]

Borga, Assembly. 1809. Recognition of Finland as autonomous Grand Duchy under Russia. [Read more ...]

Borges, Jorge Luis. 1899-1986. Argentinian writer. Labyrinths. [Read more ...]

Borghese. 13-18C. Italian noble family. [Read more ...]

Borgia, Cesare. 1476-1507. Ruthless Italian Machiavellian statesman. Son of Pope Alexander VI. [Read more ...]

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