The Pocket Guide to World History

Borgia, Lucrezia. 1480-1519. Daughter of Pope Alexander VI. Known for vices and crimes. [Read more ...]

Borglum, Gutzon. 1867-1941. US sculptor. Mount Rushmore 1941. [Read more ...]

Boris I. -907. Ruler 852-89. Spread Christianity through Bulgaria. [Read more ...]

Boris III. 1894-1943. King of Bulgaria, 1918-. Hitler ally, but avoided war w USSR. [Read more ...]

Borlaug, Norman. 1914-. US wheat scientist responsible for Green Revolution. [Read more ...]

Born, Max. 1882-1970. German/British quantum physicist. Mathematics of atom behavior. [Read more ...]

Borneo. 7C BC Indian influence. 3C BC-15C Chinese inf. 3C-15C Funan/Khmer, Malacca, Srivijaya, Majapahit. 15C Moslem. 16C- European inf. 19C Dutch(S)/Eng(N). WWII Japan occupies. Brunei. Malaysia. Indonesia. [Read more ...]

Borodin, Aleksander. 1833-87. Russian heroic composer. Prince Igor 1869. [Read more ...]

Borodino, Battle. 1812. Napoleon defeats Kutuzov on way to Moscow. [Read more ...]

Borromeo, St. Charles. 1538-84. Milan Cardinal. First Sunday school, 1580. [Read more ...]

Borromini, Francesco. 1599-1667. Italian Baroque architect. S Carlo alle Quattro Fontane 1665-67. [Read more ...]

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