The Pocket Guide to World History

Bonivard, François de. 1494-1570. Prior of St. Victori, Geneva. Reformer, imprisonned at Chillon, 1530-4. Subject of Byron poem. [Read more ...]

Bonnard, Pierre. 1867-1947. French colorist, portrait artist. [Read more ...]

Bonus Army. 1932. US WWI vets march to demand accelerated bonus payment. Dispersed by force. [Read more ...]

Book of Common Prayer. 1549. Church of England official prayer book. [Read more ...]

Book of Concord. 1580. Lutheran liturgy: Apostles’ Creed, Nicene Creeds, Augsburg Confession. [Read more ...]

Book of the Dead. 24-16C BC. Egyptian prayers and spells buried with deceased. [Read more ...]

Boole, George. 1815-64. British mathematician. Algebra of Logic 1854. [Read more ...]

Boone, Daniel. 1734-1820. US frontier explorer. Alamo. [Read more ...]

Booth, Charles. 1840-1916. English social reformer. 17 volume Life and Labour of the People in London 1891-1903. [Read more ...]

Booth, John Wilkes. 1838-65. US actor. Shot Lincoln, 1865. [Read more ...]

Booth, William. 1829-1912. British reformer. Founder of Salvation Army, 1878. In Darkest England and the Way Out 1890. [Read more ...]

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