The Pocket Guide to World History

Bohr, Niels. 1885-1962. Danish atomic physicist. Electron quantum levels, 1913. [Read more ...]

Boileau, Nicolas. 1636-1711. French writer: Satires 1658. [Read more ...]

Boito, Arrigo. 1842-1918. Italian poet, librettist: Verdi’s Othello, Falstaff. [Read more ...]

Bokassa. 1921-96. Central African Republic dictator 1966-79. Overthrew Dacko, who was restored by France. [Read more ...]

Boleslav the Cruel. -967. Brother, murdered St. Wenceslaus to become Prince of Bohemia, 929. [Read more ...]

Boleyn, Anne. 1507-36. 2nd Queen of Henry VIII, mother of Elizabeth I. Beheaded. [Read more ...]

Bolivar, Simon. 1783-1830. “Liberator of South America”. 1812- Led rebels in Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru. [Read more ...]

Bolivia. Aymará. 15C Inca. 1538 Spain 1825 Independent. Bolivar. [Read more ...]

Bollandists. 1629-. Belgian Jesuits. Update Acta Santorium, (Lives of Roman Catholic saints). [Read more ...]

Bologna, Concordat. 1516. Control over French church given to king. [Read more ...]

Bolsheviks. (“Majority”) 1903-52. Revolutionary faction of Social Democratic Workers Party for dictatorship of Proletariat. =Communist. Mensheviks. [Read more ...]

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