The Pocket Guide to World History

Bolt, Robert. 1924-95. English dramatist. A Man for all Seasons 1960. [Read more ...]

Boltzmann, Ludwig. 1844-1906. Austrian physicist. Statistical Mechanics, 1870. [Read more ...]

Bona Dea. Roman fertility goddess. = Fauna. [Read more ...]

Bonaparte, Jerôme. 1784-1860. King of Westphalia 1807-13. Marshal of France. Napoleon’s brother. [Read more ...]

Bonaparte, Joseph. 1768-1844. King of Naples 1806-8. King of Spain 1808-13. Napoleon’s brother. [Read more ...]

Bonaparte, Louis. 1778-1846. King of Holland 1806-10. Forced to abdicate after opposing Continental System. Napoleon’s brother. [Read more ...]

Bonaparte, Napoleon. Napoleon I. [Read more ...]

Bonaventure, St. 1217-1274. Italian Franciscan theologian. [Read more ...]

Boniface, St. 675-754. Martyred British apostle to Germany. [Read more ...]

Boniface IV, St. -615. Pope 608-. Instituted All Saint’s Day, Nov. 1. [Read more ...]

Boniface VIII. c1235-1303. Pope 1294-. Claimed supremacy over kings. Captured by French adviser. [Read more ...]

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