The Pocket Guide to World History

Bligh, William. 1754-1817. English captain of Bounty. Discovered breadfruit. [Read more ...]

Bliss, Arthur. 1891-1975. English subjective composer. Colour Symphony 1922. [Read more ...]

Blitz. 1940-41. Popular name for Battle of Britain. [Read more ...]

Blitzkrieg. 1938-45. German battle tactic. Rapid, deep assault with tanks supported from air. [Read more ...]

Bloch, Ernest. 1880-1959. Swiss/US neoclassical composer. Jewish themes. America 1926. [Read more ...]

Blockade. Naval strategy preventing access to an enemy’s coast. [Read more ...]

Blondin, Charles. 1824-97. French tightrope walker over Niagara, 1859. [Read more ...]

Blood, Thomas. 1628-80. Attempted to steal British crown jewels 1671. [Read more ...]

Blood Purge. 1934. Hitler’s murder of 74 Nazi radicals. [Read more ...]

Bloody Assizes. 1685. Trial of Monmouth’s rebels. 320 hung. 800 deported. [Read more ...]

Bloody Sunday. 1887. Police kill 2 Socialists in Trafalgar Square Riot. 1905. Slaughter of petitioners to Winter Palace of Nicholas II leads to Russian Revolution. 1972. 13 killed in Londonderry riot. [Read more ...]

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