The Pocket Guide to World History

Bessemer, Henry. 1813-98. English inventor of economical steel making process, 1856. [Read more ...]

Best, Charles. 1899-1978. Canadian. insulin discoverer. Banting. [Read more ...]

Bethmann-Hollweg. 1856-1921. German Chancellor, 1909-17. Tried to mediate before WWI. Overthrown by Hindenburg and Ludendorf. [Read more ...]

Betti, Ugo. 1892-1953. Italian dramatist. La Padrona 1927. [Read more ...]

Beurse, van der. 14C Brussels moneylender. Led to term, Bourse. [Read more ...]

Bevan, Aneurin. 1897-1960. British Socialist MP 1929-60. Architect of National Health Service, 1948. [Read more ...]

Beveridge Report. 1942. Advocated ‘cradle to grave’ social insurance in Britain. [Read more ...]

Bevin, Ernest. 1881-1951. British labour leader, statesman. TUC. Initiated Colombo Plan. [Read more ...]

Bhadracarya-pranidhana. Buddhist vows of good conduct. [Read more ...]

Bhagavad-Gita. (Lord’s Song) Hindu scripture. [Read more ...]

Bhagavatas. 2C BC. Hindu sect. [Read more ...]

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