The Pocket Guide to World History

Bhascara. 1114-85. Hindu mathematician/astrologer. First user of decimal system. [Read more ...]

Bhutan. Himalayan kingdom. 9C Tibet invaders settle. c1630 Independent. 17,18C Tibet invades. 1865 Part British 1907 Monarchy. 1910 British Protectorate. 1949 Indian Protectorate. [Read more ...]

Bhutto, Ali. 1928-79. Pakistani leader 70-77. Deposed by Zia. [Read more ...]

Biafra. 1967-70. Ojukwu-led Ibos try to secede from Nigeria resulting in famine. [Read more ...]

Bible. Hebrew and Christian sacred scriptures translated from Hebrew and Aramaic. 3C BC Greek translation. 1382 Wycliffe, Rogers, English. 1522-34 Luther, German. 1611 King James version. Vulgate by St. Jerome. Apocrypha. [Read more ...]

Bibliothèque Nationale. French National Library begun by Charles V collection now houses 20M works. 7M Books. [Read more ...]

Bichat, Xavier. 1771-1802. French anatomist. “Life is the sum of the forces that restrict death.” [Read more ...]

Biddle, John. 1615-62. Founded Unitarianism. 12 Arguments 1644. [Read more ...]

Biedermeier. 1815-35. German bourgeois kitsch style of sentimental art and utilitarian furniture. Circular pedestal table. [Read more ...]

Bienvenüe, Fulgence. 1852-1936. “Père du Metro”. Engineered first Paris métro line 1898. [Read more ...]

Bierce, Ambrose. 1842-1914. Satirical US writer. Cobwebs 1874. From an Empty Skull. [Read more ...]

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