The Pocket Guide to World History

Zama, Battle. 202BC. Rome defeats Hannibal near Carthage. Punic Wars. [Read more ...]

Zambia. 1851 Livingstone explores. 1890 British South Africa Company =Northern Rhodesia. 1953 +Nyasaland. 1964 Independent Zambia. [Read more ...]

Zamenhof, L. 1859-1917. Polish Esperanto language inventor 1887. [Read more ...]

Zamora Treaty. 1143. Portugal independent of Alfonso VII of Castile. [Read more ...]

Zangi. 1084-1146. Seljuk ruler. Defeated crusaders. Established Zangid dynasty in Middle East 1127-1250. [Read more ...]

ZANU. Zimbabwe African National Union. 1963-. Founded by Mugabe vs white minority rule. 1987 +ZAPU. [Read more ...]

Zanzibar. 1499 Portugal explores. 1698 Muscat +Oman. 18-19C Slave source. 1861 Independent sultanate. 1890 British protectorate. 1963 Independent. 1964 +Tanganyika = Tanzania. [Read more ...]

Zapata, Emiliano. 1879-1919. Mexican revolutionary hero. “Land and liberty!”. Ayala Plan. [Read more ...]

Zaporozhe Cossacks. 16-18C. Ruled Ukraine. [Read more ...]

Zapotec. 6-16C. Advanced Mexican civilization in Oaxaca. [Read more ...]

ZAPU. Patriotic Front. Zimbabwe African People’s Union. 1961-. Founded by Nkomo vs white minority rule in Rhodesia. 1987 Merged with ZANU. [Read more ...]

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