The Pocket Guide to World History

Bergman, Ingmar. 1918-. Swedish filmmaker dealing with moral issues, psychoses. Persona 1966. [Read more ...]

Bergson, Henri. 1859-1941. Philosopher. Creative Evolution 1907. The life force. Vitalism. [Read more ...]

Beria, Laurenty. 1899-1953. Soviet commisar in charge of Stalin’s security police 1938-. [Read more ...]

Bering, Vitus. 1681-1741. Danish explorer of Alaska for Russia 1728-. [Read more ...]

Bering Sea Dispute. 1886-91. US/Canada re sealing rights. [Read more ...]

Berkeley, George. 1685-1753. Irish immaterialist philosopher: reality exists only in the eye of God; for man, only when perceived. Principles of Knowledge 1710. [Read more ...]

Berlin. Capital of: 1701 Prussia. 1871 Germany. 1949 German Democratic Republic. 1990 Germany. [Read more ...]

Berlin, Irving. 1888-1989. Russian/US popular composer. White Christmas, Annie Get Your Gun 1946. [Read more ...]

Berlin Blockade. 1948-9. Russia’s winter blockade is thwarted by US, British airlift of supplies. [Read more ...]

Berlin Conference. 1884. Bismarck called 15 nations to resolve African issues. Congo granted independence. Slavery suppressed. [Read more ...]

Berlin Congress. 1878. Bulgaria divided, independence for Romania, Serbia. Turkey gains Macedonia. Russia gains Armenia. Britain gains Cyprus. Revised San Stefano treaty. [Read more ...]

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