The Pocket Guide to World History

Bentley, Richard. 1662-1742. English classical scholar. Restored texts. Editions of Horace, Terence, Aesop. [Read more ...]

Benz, Karl. 1844-1929. German engineer. 1885 internal combustion engine driven car. [Read more ...]

Beowulf. 8C Hero of Old English poem set in Denmark. [Read more ...]

Béranger, Pierre. 1780-1857. French Republican poet and singer. Roi d’Yvetot 1813. [Read more ...]

Berbers. Caucasian North African peoples, mostly Moslem. Nomadic since 12C Arab invasions. Almohads. Almoravids. Barbary. [Read more ...]

Berceo, Gonzalo. c1195-1264. Castilian religious poet. [Read more ...]

Berengar of Tours. c999-1088. Questioned transubstantiation 1044. [Read more ...]

Beresteczko, Battle. 1651. Poland defeats Ukraine Cossacks who then ally with Russia. [Read more ...]

Berg, Alban. 1885-1935. Austrian opera composer. Adopted 12-note method. Atonal-tonal fusion. Wozzeck 1925. [Read more ...]

Bergerac, Cyrano de. Cyrano. [Read more ...]

Bergerac, Peace. 1577. Ends 6th French War of Religion. [Read more ...]

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